VA - Gaggalacka - one freaky decade [ME027]


Artist :
Various Artists 11 tracks
Title : "Gaggalacka - one freaky decade"
Coverartwork :
Fr3ctalis ( Facebook )
Genre :
Format :
WAV / 320kbs MP3
Length : 81:55 min.
Mastering :
Antagon ( Hamburg )
Label :
Mind-Expansion ( )
Releasedate :
Release-ID :
Distributor : Ectoplazm (creative common licence)

Prelisten of the VA:

Release description :

Gaggalacka is a small freaky endsummer gathering in Germany since 2001 created by the Together Spirit that makes it magical every year.
In this September we are celebrating the 10th jubilee. That´s reason enough for this compilation with 11 strong tracks from artists from Germany, UK, France and Vernezuela.
Most of them have played already at Gaggalacka parties. Enjoy this trip, compiled by DJ Merry:) on Mind Expansion Music, mastering by Antagon.


01.Kya - Kar Rahe Ho 148bpm

02.Sprocket - syncopath 150bpm

03.Skyhighatrist & Synthetic Chaos - insane line 146bpm

04.Ataro & Mark Day - natural remedy 151bpm

05.Twisted Kala - high feeling 154bpm

06.Rukh - midnight carnival 158bpm

07.Nyama - 3rd eye monocle 157bpm

08.Parandroid - humanistic training lesson 158bpm

09.Buraco Preto - postpartum 152bpm

10.Nasha - traffic mental 148bpm

11.Strix Aluco - sri octavia 148bpm

...compiled by DJ Merry
mastering by Antagon
Coverartwork and Design by Fr3ktalis


"The expansion of the mind, is the union of forces"

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