Gaggalacka 2008
Gaggalacka Open Air, 22.-24.08.2008, Dreissigacker/Germany

Here you can download the cool Gaggalacka video with different scenes and music from the party:
(Hint: RIGHT-click on the link and choose "Save Target As...")
Gaggalacka 2008 Video, high quality (640x480), 7:16, 180 MB, mpg-format
Gaggalacka 2008 Video, normal quality (320x240), 7:16, 64 MB, mpg-format

more details about the Gaggalacka Party:

New Years Eve '08
Back to Eden, 01.01.2008, MfE/Berlin/Germany

At New Years Eve '08 we celebrated an awesome psy-trance-party in the location "MfE" in Berlin. Here you can download a short video (3 MB, wmv-format), maybe the pictures and the sound gives you a little insight into the wicked atmosphere of the party. Enjoy!

Download Party-Video: New Year's Eve 2008 @ MfE, Berlin

Dark Moons, Hamburg, 14.03.2008
Hamburg, 14.03.2008: DARK MOONS feat. EVIL KNIVEL RECORDS

Cannibal Crow, Ant and Merry.. was paralizing Hamburg on friday the 14.03.08 the music was exactly what was promised by the organizers ... full power psychedelic trance to the bone.. some very nice guests and also a lot of energy from them .. made this event a very successfull one.... enjoy the pics

Watch on Youtube the official Review from the fantastic Psycrowdelica Open Air 2009: